Emma Sherwood-Forbes is a graphic designer and decent human being based in San Francisco, California. She has been designing memorable experiences for startups, agencies, and schools for the past eight years.

MICA Grad Show

Cataloging an art school

This year-long project pulled together content from the Maryland Institute College of Art's sixteen graduate programs to promote and record graduating student work. We developed an identity system that looks great on its own but can also showcase bright artwork, then designed and developed a website, print catalog, poster, and exhibition signage. View the live site.

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with Nour Tabet, Ricky Blake, and Yingxi Zhou

White as snow

Let go of the story in your mind

My thesis year resulted in an interactive book for adults that explores the story of Snow White. This experiment in digital narrative marries research and visual design to create a quirky new look at a familiar story. Read about the process or view the demo.

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This is Lille

Branding a Diverse Community

This flexible identity system serves the district of Lille in France, representing the area and its member cities. The concept is rooted in the ideas of diversity and textiles, elements central to Lille’s personality. The system can be used separately for each of the district’s main cities or together for district-wide elements. These applications emphasize the unity of the area, leaving visitors with a singular and lasting positive impression.

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with Nour Tabet, Ricky Blake, and Yingxi Zhou

Data Viz Framework

Information Made Beautiful

Sencha Inc. brought me in to create a visual style for their touch charting product. They wanted something bright and modern, a default look that companies would choose to keep when using the product. The colors were selected based on research about color contrast and high-impact color combinations, but they also work well from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

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with Momentum Design Lab

Box Dog Bikes

Come Along for the Ride

Box Dog Bikes had evolved from an irreverent, do-it-yourself group of cyclists to a high-end bicycle and lifestyle shop. The owners wanted a new website that reflected their aspirations but stayed true to their roots. To achieve this, the site mixes the owners’ photography of favorite rides with simple interface elements in transparent black, gray, and white.

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Art Museum Newsletter

Modernizing Harvard

I redesigned the biannual newsletter put out by the Harvard University Art Museums for a publication design class. The new template leaves behind the staid, serious Harvard look and embraces a more contemporary aesthetic. The redesign serves to draw in a younger demographic, make current members feel in-the-know, and emphasize the museums’ place as a cultural outlet.

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Spoof iPhone Apps

Are we too plugged in?

I designed a concept for an iPhone app every day for fourteen days as an exercise in rapid design thinking. The apps form a dystopic family that lampoons society and blurs the lines of what is possible, what is legal, and what is worthwhile. See the whole set.

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